Weird Facts about Testosterone that Will Amaze You

Fitness Couple in gymTestosterone is the male sex hormone that is naturally produced in the human body. Both men and women produce testosterone, but men’s bodies typically produce more of it while women’s bodies produce greater amounts of estrogen, the female sex hormone.

Science and medicine have taught us a lot about how testosterone works. And some of it may surprise and amaze you.

Testosterone Therapy Miami — Aggressive Behavior

Many people link the idea of testosterone with aggressive behavior. And there is some science to support that idea. In competitive situations, men’s bodies can produce more testosterone, which can improve their performance.

Testosterone also is produced during courtship. Men who are competing for a sexual partner can often have higher than normal testosterone levels.

But the same holds true for women. Women who are in love can have higher than normal testosterone for months after a new relationship starts.

In both men and women, however, after about a year or two, testosterone levels typically return to normal.

Testosterone Therapy Miami — Belly Size

Some studies show that men who experience abdominal obesity — often known as “beer belly” — can show a reduction in the size of their spare tire when they are treated with testosterone.

In addition to belly size, testosterone also may be related to the size of your bank account. A study in the UK found that financial futures traders often experience a spike in their testosterone levels on days when they make a larger than normal profit.

Testosterone Therapy Miami – Winners and Losers

There may even be a cause and effect relationship between testosterone and making money.  the same study found that on the mornings when traders’ testosterone levels were higher than normal, their average afternoon profits were also higher.

Winning and testosterone also may be related. A study found that sports fans can often have higher testosterone levels after their favorite team wins a big match or championship. But if their teams lose, testosterone levels can fall below normal.




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