Testosterone Therapy and Infertility

babyTestosterone therapy offers men many benefits. But can it help increase fertility for couples seeking to have a baby?

The answer is complicated.

Testosterone Therapy Miami – Benefits for Male Fertility

One of the biggest benefits for men who choose testosterone therapy is that it can give them more energy, allow them to focus more easily, and even help them lose weight and build muscle.

All of these things can help improve male sex drive. When men feel stronger, more confident, and more enthusiastic about life in general, they often can be more committed to their sexual relationships.

Conversely, when men have low testosterone levels, it can affect not only their attitudes toward sex but also their sexual performance. In some instances, low testosterone can actually impede a man’s ability get or maintain an erection.

So testosterone therapy can make a man more willing and able to have sex with his partner.

Testosterone Therapy Miami — Effect on Sperm Production

On the other hand, men who want to create children with their partner may find that testosterone therapy can sometimes affect their sperm production.

Optimal male fertility benefits from naturally produced testosterone, as well as other hormones. While testosterone replacement therapy can restore testosterone to normal levels, it doesn’t always improve fertility because it can suppress the pathway for managing the levels of some of these other hormones.

Testosterone replacement therapy can decrease the body’s natural production of LH and FSH, which can cause the brain to reduce production of gonadotropin-releasing hormone, possibly resulting in decreased sperm production.

Testosterone Therapy Miami — Getting the Answers You Want

When it comes to testosterone therapy and reproduction, there are no “one-size-fits-all” answers. In some cases, it can help while in others it can’t.

If you are considering testosterone replacement therapy and want to have children, the first step is to make an appointment with your doctor.

Together, you and your doctor can develop a medical strategy that may include Rejuvchip testosterone replacement therapy to achieve your reproductive objectives.


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