Male Hormone Facts


Male hormones are what make men masculine. Male hormones cause the male body to be taller, stronger, and more muscular than women’s bodies.

During adolescence is when boys get their first blast of testosterone. It’s what cause the changes that come with puberty: The lowering of the voice, the increased sex drive, hair on the chest and elsewhere on the body.

Hormones and the Body

The body has hundreds of different types of hormones. In fact, hormones are the chemicals that control how body functions work.

All of these hormones are important, but testosterone is one of the most important hormones because it controls such things as sexual drive, muscle growth and development, and the body’s ability to fight off illness.

Testosterone and Aging

As men get older, the amount of testosterone in the body naturally declines. This can affect how men deal with stress, their ability to maintain muscle and bone mass, and even their sexual stamina and desire.

This type of hormonal imbalance is natural and happens to every guy over time. But it can be avoided and even reversed through the use of testosterone therapy.

Uses of Testosterone Therapy

Men who receive testosterone therapy can reverse the effects of lowered testosterone caused by aging. It’s also used for men who suffer from low testosterone, low thyroid, and who exhibit symptoms of andropause — a type of “male menopause”.

Hormone therapy for men is completely safe when it is done properly. Most men feel significantly better in about four to six weeks after receiving this treatment.

Some studies have shown that balanced hormones can contribute to a healthy mind and body and a reduced risk of contracting Alzheimer’s and other chronic illnesses over time.

Testing and retesting your hormone levels at appropriate intervals during your hormone therapy treatment will assure that your testosterone levels are always optimal.



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