Look and Feel Young Again with Hormone Replacement Therapy

lifting weightsMany people who undergo hormone replacement therapy say that it’s almost like stepping into a time machine. Once their treatments are completed, they look and feel years younger.

Essentially, hormone replacement therapy is about giving you back what time and nature have taken away from you over the years.

What Hormones Do

Hormones are natural chemicals your body produces that basically control every body function, from your sex drive to your blood pressure. Some of these hormones regulate the way you feel. The most significant ones are testosterone and human growth hormone.

Over time, these hormones can become depleted within your body’s system. What hormone replacement therapy does is restore some of these hormones to their original levels so that your body’s natural balance is restored.

Symptoms of Hormone Depletion

Hormone depletion is a natural result of aging. Its symptoms include decreased sexual performance and stamina, difficulty thinking, weight gain, and fatigue.

But hormone replacement therapy can eliminate and reverse many of the symptoms, leaving you feeling younger, stronger and more virile. It also can give you more vitality and enthusiasm for life.

Get Tested

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms, you should get tested by medical professionals who specialize in hormone replacement therapy. They can tell you if your hormone levels fall into normal levels, or if they are lower than other people your age.

If you qualify, they may prescribe a regimen of hormone replacement therapy that will give you more energy and improve your outlook. Most people see significant results in as little as 12 weeks into your personalized treatment plan.

There’s no reason why you need to feel depressed, stressed out, or weak because of your low hormone levels any longer. Hormone replacement therapy can improve your sex life, help you avoid depression and anxiety, and improve your cognitive skills.



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