Hormone Therapy Doral – look and feel better

Hormone Therapy Doral



Testosterone pellets are the key to strengthening your body, mind and spirit. They provide the kind of hormone therapy Doral residents have been wanting for many years.

Hormone Therapy in Doral: Benefits of Rejuvchip

Hormones and Aging

As the body agess, hormone production begins to slow down. The male sex hormone testosterone — which actually is produced and used by both men and women — is responsible for such things as vitality, sexual function, energy, and metabolism.

When there is less testosterone produced by the body, there are real effects that you can see and feel. You have less energy. You can begin to look and feel more aged. And your sexual performance can be diminished.

An Ideal Solution

But now there’s a new hormone therapy Doral residents can use to restore testosterone levels to normal so you can increase your energy, look and feel better, and actually reverse the aging process.

Testosterone pellets is the premier testosterone replacement therapy program that men and women are using to enjoy an array of health benefits.

The tiny pellets — which are about the size of a grain of rice — are placed into the hip through a fast, painless outpatient surgical procedure. They contain time-released all-natural hormone supplements that begin to take effect after about two weeks.

And the health benefits can continue to be enjoyed for up to three to five months in women and up to six months in men.

Hormone Therapy Doral – reverse aging

So if you’re ready to look and feel your best — and even delay aging for a while — then you should learn more about how testosterone pellets can improve your lifestyle.

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