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Fort Lauderdale Testosterone Therapy



If you have been considering Fort Lauderdale testosterone therapy, you should make testosterone pellets your Number One choice.

Rejuvchip is the convenient, simple and most effective way to restore your body’s testosterone to its natural levels so you can feel stronger, look younger, and have a better outlook on life. testosterone pellets can even help reverse the effects of aging.

Fort Lauderdale Testosterone Therapy: Who Can Benefit?

Testosterone replacement therapy is an available treatment option for men who have low testosterone. If you have been diagnosed and given a blood test that confirms lower than normal testosterone levels, you may be able to find relief from your symptoms with testosterone pellets.

Symptoms associated with low testosterone include decreased sex drive, fatigue, muscle loss and weakness, and trouble sleeping soundly through the night. Both men and women can benefit from testosterone pellets.

Fort Lauderdale Testosterone Therapy: Types of Testosterone Treatments

If you or somebody you love has been diagnosed with reduced testosterone levels, there are a number of different treatment options available.

Treatments include transdermal patches or gels, pills, and injections. But subdermal pellets are the most convenient and effective approach to treating this condition.

That’s because testosterone pellets are time released. A single dose can last up to three months.

How Testosterone Pellets Work

Rather than having to remember to take pills, apply gels or patches, or receive frequent injections, the subdermal testosterone pellets are placed under the skin on you hip via an outpatient procedure in which a small incision is made.

This fast, painless procedure is over in just a few minutes and can be performed in a doctor’s office. But the benefits can last for months.

Once you start receiving testosterone pellets, you should begin to see results in the way you look and feel within about two weeks. After that, your testosterone levels will be regularly monitored to make sure they remain normal.

Fort Lauderdale Testosterone Therapy: Anti-aging testosterone pellets