The Facts about Testosterone Therapy You Need to Know

happy family 2There is a lot of information floating around — especially online — about the benefits and drawbacks of testosterone therapy for men and women.

Having all of the facts beforehand is essential to make an informed decision about your health.  With that in mind, here is what you absolutely need to know about testosterone therapy:

Testosterone Therapy Is Not for Everybody

While testosterone therapy can be a helpful and effective treatment for certain types of physical conditions — particularly low testosterone — many people seek it for reasons other than it is intended.

For example, testosterone therapy should never be used for non-medical purposes, such as for improving the effects of weight lifting and body building, to prevent the changes of aging, or to enhance athletic performance.

Testing Is Required

Testosterone therapy is a serious medical treatment. No reputable doctor is going to prescribe testosterone therapy without first running a blood panel and other tests to determine your current testosterone level. Your doctor may also conduct a full physical examination and talk to you about your health, lifestyle, and personal habits.

If your testosterone levels are with the normal range, you may not be a candidate for testosterone therapy. It is primarily intended for men and women with low testosterone.

There May Be Side Effects

Some people experience side effects from testosterone therapy. These can include — but are not limited to — acne, breast sensitivity or swelling, an increased red blood cell count, a swelling of the feet and ankles, and reduce sperm count.

While it’s impossible to predict which, if any, of these side effects you may experience, your doctor will talk to you about these and other possible risks associated with this type of therapy.

There are many great health benefits to testosterone therapy. Making an informed decision if it’s right for you — in collaboration with your doctor — may be able to make you feel better, look younger, and have more energy.



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