Estrogen or Testosterone Therapy

Hormone Replacement Florida

Hormone replacement Florida is something that both men and women can benefit from in the event that they are experiencing a reduction in production of certain hormones. Estrogen and testosterone are hormones that your body produces. While people typically think of testosterone as a male hormone and estrogen as a female hormone, both sexes have both hormones. Men can be affected by low estrogen and women can be affected by low testosterone.

Men Produce More Testosterone

When a man begins to age, he begins to naturally produce less testosterone while his production of estrogen increases. This can lead to a reduction in sex drive, fatigue, and difficulty maintaining muscle mass.

Women Produce More Estrogen

Women produce more estrogen than men during the first half of their life. Typically, in their late 30’s, women begin to produce less estrogen. This is the beginning stages of menopause. If you are experiencing a lower production of estrogen, you may experience joint pain, headaches, decreased sex drive, dry skin, and depression.

Seeking Hormone Replacement Florida

Whether you are a man or a woman, you could be experiencing a reduction in the production of hormones if you experience some of the symptoms described above. These are not issues that should be ignored – especially if you are in your twenties or thirties. When you begin to notice some of the signs of less testosterone or less estrogen, your first step should be to visit your doctor. He or she may perform tests to measure your testosterone or estrogen levels. From there, he or she may recommend that you seek hormone replacement Florida.

What is hormone replacement therapy? Hormone replacement Florida involves the administering of pills that are designed to naturally increase the production of hormones. The therapy is different for men and women – as men will most likely want to increase their testosterone, while women often seek estrogen therapy.

If you suspect that you are dealing with a reduction of testosterone or estrogen, you should schedule a visit to your doctor or learn more about hormone replacement Florida.


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