Dropping Testosterone Levels Normal for Older Men

man checking his emailAs men get older, it’s natural for the levels of the male sex hormone testosterone to decrease in their bodies.

Testosterone is an amazing hormone that affects many different aspects of a man’s health. During puberty, it helps trigger male sexual development. In adulthood, it maintains reproductive function.

Testosterone also helps build muscle bulk, makes sure the body has enough red blood cells, and keeps bone density levels where they should be.

So when testosterone levels go down naturally due to aging, it can have a profound effect on many different aspects of a man’s health.

Hormone Replacement Florida — Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

While there is a lot of disagreement within the medical community about the significance of testosterone level decreases, there are certain groups of men that benefit from replacing some of that testosterone through a clinical therapy.

One major example is men who suffer from hypogonadism, a dysfunction of the testicles that prevents the body from naturally producing adequate testosterone.

But other men without this condition may also benefit from testosterone therapy as well. Many men report increased stamina, improved sexual function, and more energy as a result of hormone replacement therapy such as Rejuvchip.

Hormone Replacement Florida — Types of Therapy

There are many different types of hormone replacement therapy. One is intramuscular testosterone injections, in which a doctor will inject testosterone into the buttocks muscles every two or three weeks.

Another is testosterone patches which can be applied daily to the back, arms, buttocks, or abdomen. A third is topical testosterone gel, which can be rubbed onto the shoulders, arms, or abdomen daily.

Rejuvchip natural testosterone pellets that are placed under the skin on the hip and left there so they can be absorbed into the body. Both men and women can begin to see the benefits of Rejuvchip hormone replacement therapy in as little as two weeks.


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