Can Exercise Help?

Athletic man rests sitting on blue simulator in training gymFor men with low testosterone, being more physically active regularly could help boost the body’s natural production of the male hormone, but the effects generally are short-term.

Medical studies have shown that testosterone is elevated in the body after exercise. But this blip in the body’s testosterone levels only lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour after finishing the workout.

While there are other long-term benefits to improving your physical fitness — including disease prevention, increased energy levels, and a more attractive physical appearance — long-term increases in the body’s natural testosterone levels doesn’t appear to be one of them.

Contributing Factors to Exercise’s Effectiveness

Some people get a longer, more sustained boost to their testosterone levels after exercise than others. There seem to be four factors that contribute to this:

  • Weight — People who are overweight can see more of an improvement to their testosterone levels after exercise than people who already are fit.
  • Age — People who are older tend to get more of a post-exercise testosterone increase than younger people. But exercise offers other benefits to older adults as well, including better bone health, bigger and stronger muscle mass, and increased balance.
  • Exercise Time — When you work out appears to influence testosterone production. Early workouts create a higher testosterone boost than later workouts.
  • Existing Fitness Level — People who are out of shape tend to have get more testosterone boost from those who already are fit.

The Rejuvchip Solution

Being more active can help with testosterone, but it’s not the only answer. If you suffer from low testosterone, Rejuvchip could be the solution you are looking for.

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